Himalayan Edible Salts – Multi Rock Salt Company


We are basically Manufacturers and Exporters of Himalayan Edible Salts, Bath Salts, Salt Inhalers and Salt products such as lamps, tiles, salts hymblock,bricks and many more.

We also have Lapis Lazuli, Tawas Crystal ALUM and Dried Rose Petals products available,

We also make Himalayan Salt Caves, Salt rooms, Salt Walls and much more. For more info and designs, please see our new website caves.multi rock salt.com

We are also ISO 9001:2000, HACCP AND FDA approved Company,

We are Proud to announce that we have made the world’s tallest salt crystal lamp,

Height 8 feet and 4 inches and weight approx 3500 KG,

Also visit our website to see the world’s biggest salt crystal Lamp,

We gained trust and good reputation in international market as most popular brands in Europe, USA and Far East countries are using our products regularly.

Thanks, Questions?

Faizan Hussain | Marketing & Sales Director |

Multi Rock Salt Company

U.S Office: +1 (415) 513 0044 | Pakistan Office: +92 321 882 6829 |

Netherlands Office: +31(0) 611448394| | Skype : multi.rocksalt

http://www.multirocksalt.com | info@multirocksalt.com / multi.rocksalt@gmail.com

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